We’re finally back!

2018 marks a complete rebirth for GUIA7 and myself.

Ever since the beginning, this website has been transforming, evolving, redefining itself, over and over again.

After we abruptly had to migrate servers over the holidays, couldn’t miss the opportunity and perfect timing to rethink the layout and services offered here as they were. I loved having all those different spreads and options, but felt the need to simplify, to make things easier for myself and my dear clients.

For that reason, I decided to reopen GUIA7 basically from scratch. I will publish again some of the previous content, but for now, a general form to order a custom reading is a welcomed solution.

We’ll see how it goes.


The magic of numerology

Couldn’t miss the magical energy of the 11/1:11 to reopen the site!

I’ve stumbled upon a very interesting¬†article by Simone M. Matthews that explains in great detail the opportunities/challenges that lie ahead for the forthcoming 12 months, and how the energy of our personal year aligns with the universal energy of the current year to help us make more empowered decisions in our daily lives.

I also published my own post on my Perspectivas’ facebook page, it’s in spanish though.



Have a magical day!



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