The Clarity of a New Perspective

Whether you are confused, need to make a decision, choose between more than one option, or just plain curious, a tarot reading can help you focus on your situation with a different set of ‘eyes’.

I have designed the following spreads based on the premise that “We Create Our Own Reality”, using what I’ve learned so far, and continue to learn, about the Universal Laws of Deliberate Creation, Vibrational Energy, Emotional Alchemy and so forth.

I am a true believer, as I have experienced first hand, that the way we interpret and ‘digest’ every single little thing that happens in our lives, is what determines the course of action of whatever we partake in. If we store resentment, we react from resentment. If we store fear, we react from fear.

If we teach ourselves to pay a little attention, we can learn to identify our thought patterns and clearly see the emotional thread behind them —the emotional state from which we react and therefore produce tangible consequence. That’s what deliberate creation is all about. Thoughts produce emotions > Emotions provoke reactions > Reactions manifest into form > Form gives way to more thoughts. It’s a never ending cycle.

These readings intend to give you a different way of looking at things, and hopefully, help you gain the clarity you so eagerly seek.

I do not foresee the future, I don’t have all the answers. I don’t even know what’s best for you, or me for that matter. I only know that if we focus on a situation for what it is, and we identify the emotional thread behind it, we can finally understand the relationship between what we think and what manifests in our lives.

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