Oracle & Lenormand Card Deck

A work in progress


I’m participating in the #createthisoracledeck2018 Instagram Challenge by @otm_academy and I’m loving it!

I didn’t think I had it in me to create an oracle and I’m curious to see what comes out of this experience. Since some of the prompts are cards that can be found on any Lenormand deck, I decided to create a new variation of my #colorblocklenormand series to complement the set.

Had to dust-off my old prismacolor pencils, thus the name for this deck is Prismablock. Not very creative I know, but goes well with the rest of the decks.

Design Timeline

You can follow me on instagram @blissfullyLOVE to see my daily posts for the prompts.

Some of the cards I designed beforehand, didn’t think to journal the progress, but as I go along, I’m realizing that this is turning to be a very interesting deck.

The following timeline lists the chronological order in which the cards were drawn:

2018-03-01 | Cards (urn, clouds, mountain, tree, moon, sun, key, letter, embrace, rainbow, crossroads, lily, heart, seasons, elements) were prepared beforehand for the challenge.

2018-03-02 | I drew the Lens / Exposure card that is also part of the extended version of the Colorblock & Photoblock Lenormand decks. I also designed the Harmony card for the following day’s prompt.

2018-03-03 | Nada.

2018-03-04 | Inspiration flowed today and designed three cards: Doubt, Belief, and Connection.

2018-03-05 | The Maiden / Fertility.

2018-03-06 to 08 | Nada.

2018-03-09 | Clover, Disconnection, Woman, and Switch.

2018-03-10 | Nada.

2018-03-11 | Ring, Anchor.

2018-03-12 | Birds (el canto del cenzontle).

2018-03-13 | Nada.

2018-03-14 | Butterfly / Metamorphosis. Release.

2018-03-15 to 20 | Nada.

2018-03-21 | Now. Frequency. Mice. Child. Contrast.

2018-03-22 | The Vortex (of infinite potentiality).

2018-03-23 | Momentum.

2018-03-24 | Rebirth (phoenix).