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Intuitive Readings

EMAIL CARD READINGS for holistic introspection aimed to provide practical guidance and spiritual wisdom that will help us find the clear answers we seek.


Card Decks

Fun little side-projects that I decided to share with whomever may want to have a copy of their own. Card decks available as print-on-demand products.


Graphic Design

Currently Accepting Design Projects
Visual Identities + Print Design + Product Packaging + Web Design & Online Stores


“When you think thoughts during which you feel passionate or happy or loving or eager, you are choosing thoughts in which the larger part of you — Your Inner Being — is also completely immersed.”


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11/1:11 | Rebirth 2018

We’re finally back! 2018 marks a complete rebirth for GUIA7 and myself. Ever since the beginning, this website has been transforming, evolving, redefining itself, over and over again. After we abruptly had to migrate servers Read more…

G U I A 7

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