Photoblock Lenormand

The Photoblock Lenormand* is the photographic version of the  Colorblock Lenormand deck. 54 cards in total.

Deck Includes: 36 Traditional Lenormand Cards + 4 Additional People Cards + 10 Bonus Cards (same as Colorblock Lenormand Extended Version) + 2 Significator Cards (same as Colorblock Lenormand Extended Version+ Guiding Light Card

Bonus Card Meanings

Photoblock Lenormand - Wand Card


Amplifies the magician’s own magic.Works as an extension of the person holding it, powerless by itself. Can be used for good or evil. Great for intention setting. Manifesting intentions quickly.

POSITIVE: Power, control, focused energy, having the upper hand. Empowerment. An ally that will come to aid you. Things lining up as if by ‘magic’. Receiving unexpected help. Miraculous solutions. Magic folk. Fantasy writers, filmmakers, fictional characters. Movies, special effects.

NEGATIVE: If it lands in the hand of the opponent: Manipulation, someone trying to overpower you. Forcing hand. Ill-intentions. Bullying.

Photoblock Lenormand - Rainbow Card


A natural occurrence indicating clear skies ahead. Divine timing. Being in the right place at the right time. Chakras. Alignment. Sinchronicity. Serendipity. Universe. Mother Nature. A good omen. 

A natural occurrence indicating clear

skies ahead. Divine timing. Being in the

right place at the right time. Chakras.

Alignment. Sinchronicity. Serendipity.

Universe. Mother Nature. A good omen.

Photoblock Lenormand - Crystal Card


“Clear Quartz is known as the ‘master healer’ and will amplify energy and thought, as well as the effect of other crystals. It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy.”

POSITIVE: Holistic healing, stress reliever, clearing, amplifier, energy work, crystal grids, reiki, spiritual awareness, calming, new age, zen, meditation, positive transformation, transmutation, protection, aura cleansing, balance, vibration. Inner-peace. Amulets, jewelry.

NEGATIVE: Residual energy. Cleansing/clearing needed. Absorbed too much. Energetic overwhelm. A heavy aura.

Photoblock Lenormand - Butterfly Card


Change is in the air. New life. Out with the old, in with the new. Letting go. Accepting and allowing change. Nature of life. Something new is coming your way. Emerging from the chrysalis. Release.

POSITIVE: Metamorphosis. Transformation. Awakening. Freedom. Joy. Flowing. Morphing. Resurrection. Renewed. Life cycles. Taking its time.

Photoblock Lenormand - Gun Card


A point-and-shoot mentality or attitude. Having good aim. Hitting the mark. Bullseye. Weapon. Firearm. Hunting. Determination.

POSITIVE: Defense. Gaming. Shooting sports. Targetting. Self-protection. Water guns. Paintball. Good shot. Giving it a shot. ‘Killing it’.

NEGATIVE: Offense. Overpowering others. Killing. Bad Ending. Violence. Bravado. Intimidation. Hatred. Fear.

Photoblock Lenormand - Mask Card


A mask adds a different personality to the wearer. Adds character, valor, and a sense of freedom. You may feel like a superhero. When used with ill-intentions, the mask becomes a symbol of terror.

POSITIVE: Observe from afar. Take a step back and be the expectator. Be more reserved. Take cover. Take notice. Plan before action. Have fun. Carnavals. Theme party. Cosplay. Freedom. Privacy. Time-off.

NEGATIVE: Hiding insecurities. Hidden intentions. Facade. Charade. Illusion. Pretense. Masquerade. Hide from the masses. Delinquency.

Photoblock Lenormand - Lens Card


We live in a world where we want to capture everything we see, feel, and have a need to express. Even if it is to make fun of ourselves and others. Observing life through a camera lens. Perception.

POSITIVE: Making memories. Encapsulating a moment. Expressing your vision. Authenticity. Art. Lifestyle. Sharing your truth. Documenting. Film. Creative vision. Social media. Vlogging. Fashion, modeling, photography.

NEGATIVE: Overexposure. Oversharing. Looking for acceptance. More focused on making the shot than enjoying the moment. Making noise. Chasing the big headline. Belittling others. Shallowness. Superficiality.

Photoblock Lenormand - Laptop Card


An electronic device for storing and processing data. Portable. Capable. Resourceful. Information at your fingertips. Instant Browsing. Reach millions of people. Powerful tool.

NEUTRAL: Computers, workstations, desktops, mobile devices. Work from home, work anywhere, freelance work, off-site work, virtual work, remote work. Wireless, internet, connectivity. Digital media. Cloud computing. Online commerce. Media production and composition. Digital Arts. App and software development. Word processing. Electronic documents. Online learning. Gaming. Blogging. Digital marketing, etc.

NEGATIVE: Hides behind the screen. Lacks socialization skills, needs more human interaction. Relies too much on technology, doesn’t know how to do things manually. Misuse and abuse of technology. Media manipulation. Trolls, haters, bullying. Identity theft, hacking. Computer virus.

A natural occurrence indicating clear

skies ahead. Divine timing. Being in the

right place at the right time. Chakras.

Alignment. Sinchronicity. Serendipity.

Universe. Mother Nature. A good omen.

Photoblock Lenormand - Cat Card


A conditional friend that comes to you when it wants affection, or something from you. Likes to be the center of attention. He owns you, more than you own him. Likes to hunt. Play-fights.

POSITIVE: Affectionate, playful, curious, friendly companion. A strong sense of self preservation. Grooms itself / always groomed.

NEGATIVE: Aggresive behavior. Untamed, uncontrolable. Sneaky, spooky. Fearful around strangers. Not always sociable. Can be very distrustful. Demands attention. Mysterious observer. A need to escape, to flee.

Photoblock Lenormand - Airplane Card


Flying. Jets, aircrafts, helicopters. Blimps, dirigibles, hot air balloons. Paragliding, hang gliding, parasailing, parachuting. Speed flying, kitesurfing, bungee jumping. Pilots, flight attendants, etc.

Photoblock Lenormand - Elements Card


AIR/WIND | Thoughts, logic, perception
WATER | Emotions, attachments
FIRE | Stillness, re-actions, stamina
EARTH | Physical, form, manifestations

Photoblock Lenormand - Seasons Card

SEASONSTime / Place

SPRING | Parks, camp, farms, forest
SUMMER | Beach, tropical destinations
AUTUMN | Mountains, deserts, trails
WINTER | Snow, ski resorts, artic

Photoblock Lenormand - Guiding Light Card


Lighting your way. You’re on the right path. Come this way. Follow me. You’re not alone. Spiritual Guides. Helpers. Aid. Illumination. Clarification. Shed light on. Assistance. Support.

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Colorblock Lenormand

Standard Version • 40 Cards

Cardstock: Plastic 100%

Card Size: Small Square 2 in.

Colorblock Lenormand

Extended Version • 52 Cards

Cardstock: Plastic 100%

Card Size: Small Square 2 in.

Photoblock Lenormand

Extended Version • 54 Cards

Cardstock: 330 gsm Superior Smooth

Card Size: Small Square 2 in.

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